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Very good
'Cramming' is something that all students will be familiar with. It's the technique of stuffing as much information as possible into your head before an exam.

As a learning technique it's not very good because it doesn't foster understanding of a subject, merely recollection of facts and figures. Cram isn't all about that particular technique but is designed to test your knowledge and exam technique and get you ready for the big day. Cram is designed to both increase your knowledge while also testing you under real exam conditions.

The first thing to note is that Cram takes a multiple-choice approach. The first thing you'll need to do is download some study cards to test yourself with. For this you'll need to create a Cram account which you can do by clicking 'Test Portal'. You'll then be presented with over 2,000 different subjects to choose from. Double-click on one and it will automatically download to Cram. The subjects cover a huge range of areas from Maths to Spanish, and you can even search by topic and subject name.

Each test that you download consists of five questions in this demo version, although in the full version, presumably you get more. You can choose to view them either in 'Study' mode or in 'Test' mode. In Study mode, you can flip the cards over to reveal the answer. In Test mode, you get a multiple choice card where you have to pick one of four answers. At the end, you receive your grade with the correct answers highlighted on the ones you got wrong.

Cram is extremely easy to use and I love the fact that there are so many subjects available. However, some subjects - such as politics - have virtually no tests and the quality of tests very much depends on who uploaded them, since users can create their own. Some don't even feature multiple-choice answers because they haven't been completed properly. Over time, you can see how well or badly you've done with the 'History' button. This allows you to track your proguse.

There's no doubt that Cram is a handy learning application, especially for American students. Even for those that just want to test their knowledge, it's a lot of fun. Easy to use and with lots of tests to choose from, Cram is generally a pleasure to /b>

Fixed bug that prevented printing test questions and answers in random order.


  • Fixed bug that prevented printing test questions and answers in random order.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports images and sound
  • Lots of tests to choose from
  • Create your own tests


  • Limited number of questions in this demo
  • Only uses multiple choice format

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